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Journal TitleJTAM (Jurnal Teori dan Aplikasi Matematika)
Frequency4 issues per year (January, April, July & October)
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StatusAccredited (Sinta 2) | No. 148/M/KPT/2020 (Certificate)
Valid: Volume 4 Issues 1 2020 - Volume 8 Issues 2 2024
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PublicationOctober 2017
PublisherUniversitas Muhammadiyah Mataram

JTAM (Jurnal Teori dan Aplikasi Matematika) is a peer-refereed open-access journal which has been established for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of theory and applications of mathematics. All submitted manuscripts will be initially reviewed by editors and are then evaluated by a minimum of two reviewers through the double-blind review process. This is to ensure the quality of the published manuscripts in the journal. 

JTAM (Jurnal Teori dan Aplikasi Matematika) welcomes high-quality manuscripts resulted from a research project in the scope of mathematics and mathematics education, which includes, but is not limited to the following topics: 

  • Mathematics, include Algebra and Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Geometry and Topology, Theoretical Computer Science, Control and Optimization, Logic, Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics, Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Probability, and Its Applications.
  • Mathematics Education, include Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), Design or Development Research in Mathematics and Mathematics Education, PISA Task, Mathematics Ability, ICT in Mathematics Education, Lesson Study for Mathematics Learning Community, and Ethnomathematics.

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Call for Paper 2024



Lecturer, Researcher, Teacher, etc

We invite you to publish the research and development of mathematics in JTAM (Jurnal Teori dan Aplikasi Matematika) in the period:

Vol. 8, No. 2, April 2024, [CLOSED]

Vol. 8, No. 3, July 2024, [CLOSED], sedang proses review dan editing
Vol. 8, No. 4, October 2024, [OPEN], 8 papers still available
Deadline: July 30, 2024.

Please send your full paper (. * doc) via the Register/Login form.




  1. Please submit using JTAM Template.
  2. Standard manuscript maximum of 12 pages. For every additional page, an extra fee, per page will be charged. 
  3. Minimum 25 references, the last 10 years publication from international articles. We will reject if the reference from the Indonesian article is more than 20%.
  4. Recommended using Mendeley/Zotero/EndNote application in writing reference. Select APA style. Download Mendeley here.
  5. Plagiarism Check results in a maximum 15%. Then, (1) File Plagiarism Check (PDF) and (2) Registration Form (PDF) is uploaded in Step 4 as an attachment file at the time of submission.
  6. The prooreading process can contact Prosemantic.
  7. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) is provided after going through the review and revision process.
  8. Authors can send a screenshot after submit or paper ID to the Chief Editor's contact [+6287864003847]
  9. If your paper has not been checked for more than a week, please contact the WA Chief Editor.




Acceptance Rate 2022 = 35%

Posted: 2020-06-05
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Vol 8, No 2 (2024): April

All articles of this issue have been reviewed in double blind review process, and the authors and co-authors are from five countries (Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh)

Table of Contents


Ayu Astuti, Evy Sulistianingsih, Shantika Martha, Wirda Andani
Views of Abstract: 163 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 22
Ilham Saifudin, Triyanna Widiyaningtyas, Rohmad Wahid Rhomdani, Moh. Dasuki
Views of Abstract: 82 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 14
Rima Meinawati, Vika Yugi Kurniawan, Nughthoh Arfawi Kurdhi
Views of Abstract: 90 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 9
Rian Ade Pratama
Views of Abstract: 106 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 18
Justin Eduardo Simarmata, Ferdinandus Mone, Debora Chrisinta
Views of Abstract: 105 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 10
Nurul Aini, Eny Suryowati
Views of Abstract: 71 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 2
Dea Saraswati Pramaningrum, Adji Achmad Rinaldo Fernandes, Atiek Iriany, Solimun Solimun
Views of Abstract: 65 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 8
Natarajan Chidambaram, Muhammad Kamran, Deepa Balasubramanian, Shahzaib Hameed, Saba Mehmood, Wasim Raza, Aamir Hussain Khan, Zainab Iqbal
Views of Abstract: 57 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 3
Yossy Maynaldi Pratama, Adji Achmad Rinaldo Fernandes, Ni Wayan Surya Wardhani, Rosita Hamdan
Views of Abstract: 50 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 9
Luthfia Hanun Yuli Arini, Solimun Solimun, Achmad Efendi, Mohammad Ohid Ullah
Views of Abstract: 453 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 4
Bela Zainun Yatin, Zata Yumni Awanis, I Gede Adhitya Wisnu Wardhana
Views of Abstract: 73 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 6
Mislan Mislan, Andrea Tri Rian Dani
Views of Abstract: 54 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 6
Wardhani Utami Dewi, Khoirin Nisa, Mustofa Usman
Views of Abstract: 70 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 3
Anik Djuraidah, Akbar Rizki, Tony Alfan
Views of Abstract: 59 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 5
Faiqul Fikri, Bib Paruhum Silalahi, Jaharuddin Jaharuddin
Views of Abstract: 62 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 3
Fatkhurokhman Fauzi, Relly Erlinda, Prizka Rismawati Arum
Views of Abstract: 57 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 2
Loso Judijanto, Jitu Halomoan Lumbantoruan
Views of Abstract: 76 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 4
Yunika Lestaria Ningsih, Dina Octaria, Tika Dwi Nopriyanti, Jumroh Jumroh
Views of Abstract: 76 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 6
Kurnia Novita Sari, Ady Febrisutisyanto, Randi Deautama, Nursiti Azirah, Pida Mahani
Views of Abstract: 47 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 2
Kristiana Wijaya, Safira Nur Aulia, Ikhsanul Halikin, Kusbudiono Kusbudiono
Views of Abstract: 61 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 6
M. Al Haris, Laras Indah Setyaningsih, Fatkhurokhman Fauzi, Saeful Amri
Views of Abstract: 74 | DOWNLOAD [PDF]: 1